Nadira Azzouz



Internationally acclaimed British-Iraqi artist Nadira Azzouz began painting from the early age of six. She studied and graduated from the Central School of Art in London, where she attained her BA in Painting in 1960. She followed this with further practice and the studies of Still Life and Freehand in Cambridge.


Some critics said that “Nadira does not quite illustrate, but rather she allows the visual dimension of her paintings to capture the verbal and expand upon it.” There is something peculiarly passionately feminine in her choice of colours and composition.


For her, painting has often been a communication with inner visions and eruptions to which no figure or word could do justice, hence her emphasis and resourceful play on colour.


The famously sharp art critic and writer Jabra Ibrahim Jabra described her art to have gone through, " three distinctive stages that are linked with the artist's inner vision. Technique, colour and an expression of psychological and emotional sentiments. Now the three are maturely merged and intertwined in Azzoz paintings allowing her vision and poetic style to stand out and appear exceptional.”


Nadira has been based in London for the past 30 years and has held numerous solo exhibitions in the UK as well as in the Middle East. She continues to do what she loves the most, to paint and make powerful, thought-provoking art.

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