Jumaa Nazhan



Nazhan was born in Dir Al - Our, Syria. He holds a diploma in Painting from the Institute of Fine Arts, and a bachelor's degree from the faculty of Fine Arts, University of Damascus. He worked as an art teacher in his city Dir Al- Our and participated in various art exhibitions. He is also a member of Plastic Artists' Union in Syria.
He has contributed to various solo and shared exhibitions, including:
1997 - Solo exhibition at the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts, Damascus, Syria. 
1998 - Traveling exhibition around the galleries of the Levant Syria “Five Young Experiences”.
2007 - Joint Art exhibition, Beirut.
2017 - “Halet Habaa” Art exhibition, Alefnooon Gallery, Damascus

"Homes that live in us while we don't live in them" is a bitter recollection of times that passed and their lingering nostalgic memories. 

The stories behind these paintings remain so strong and inspiring. Despite all the uncertainty, displacement and loss the artist, his family and his community suffered, one can still unearth elements of love, beauty and hope in his artwork. 

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