Hania Kuzbari

Contemporary Jewellery Designer

Stories Art Gallery is delighted to welcome the contemporary jewellery designer Hania Kuzbari with her new and exclusive collection, ‘Smile for Good Luck’.


In this collection, brightly coloured gemstones and diamonds reflect the playful and quirky nature of her gleaming designs. Her meticulously handcrafted pieces harmonise golden colours with metallic silvers and blacks.


About Hania:


Of Syrian origin, Hania is a true global citizen. She has lived both in the Middle East and North America, drawing inspiration from each into her works. Living in these ancient and modern cultural hubs has fuelled her artistic character, providing her with a rich and refined artistic ability to tell a story in each piece she creates.


Hania pursued her interest in the craft by taking Jewellery Studies and Gemmology at George Brown College in Toronto. She further immersed herself in the world of jewellery design at Alchemia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy. Hania’s creative force as a fine jewellery designer stems from her love of art and appreciation for the inherent beauty in everyday life.


The story:


Despite the joyful title, ‘Smile for Good luck’ was created during one of the saddest moments of the artists’ life — the Syrian war. However, it was Hania’s desire to pioneer positivity and hope during this time of conflict that inspired her to create her smiling pieces. It is through her works that Hania hopes to convey a message of optimism and positivity to the world in a fun and charming way.


The brand:


In 2014, Hania Kuzbari launched her eponymous collection. Characterised by its expert artistic detail, each item is a stand-alone wearable objet d’art. Utilising precious metals with conflict-free diamonds and vivid coloured gemstones, the pieces excite the senses, and are open to the wearer’s personal interpretation.


Hania Kuzbari jewellery is created in limited editions, as is any fine work of art. Each collection focuses on conveying a timeless quality, with each piece being a valuable investment in any woman’s jewellery wardrobe.


The materials:


At the heart of Hania Kuzbari Jewellery is sustainability. This is prioritised through ethical sourcing, expert craftsmanship and a genuine passion for the art and process of jewellery making. Hania is proud to bring her collections to life with sustainability at the forefront of attention. Her specialist team of jewellers work exclusively with conflict-free diamond suppliers and fair-trade gold. This ensures that every individual from the beginning to the end of the creation process is respected and paid fairly for their labour.

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