George Baylouni


Born in 1966 in Aleppo, Syria, Baylouni studied art in the University of Aleppo. He has dedicated the last three decades to working as professional contemporary artist.


Fascinated by the ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia, he studied their mysterious artefacts and texts, written in ancient cuneiform. The last twenty years of his professional life has been devoted to various projects inspired by these Middle Eastern civilisations, the influence of which still reaches us to this day.


Since his move to France, his works have taken on a whole new dimension. His enchanting works harmoniously fuse glyphs and symbols from a variety of Middle Eastern ancient cultures. The different figures complement each other and remind us that we are all part of a greater civilisation — humanity.

“It was the first drawings of the Neolithic peoples, carved on cave walls, that indicate the very first traces of human civilisation. Humanity can only thrive when we embrace diversity and differences regardless of race, creed or colour. When I combine the symbols of the different civilisations in my paintings, I convey my faith in the unity of humanity. This is my message to the world, irrespective of time or place.


I feel very privileged to come from a place as old as history itself and rich with culture and heritage. Using collage, mixed media and various other techniques, I aspire to merge the East and West in my works to tell a tale of ancient worlds and of contemporary times. Most importantly, my paintings carry messages of love and peace for all.”


- George Baylouni (translated from Arabic)

Baylouni's Award's

2014 Arabian Dubai Business Award - First Prize as a Painter; Second Prize - Creative Artist (out of the 100 most influential artists)


1996 - Japan Hiroshima Centre - First Prestigious Award.

Solo Exhibitions:

2019 Gallery Grange of the Dimes, Fondettes, France.

2018 Gallery Hotel Goüin “Smugglers" Tours, France.

2018 Pavion Charel Gallery 10 «Continuity» St Cyr sur Loire, France.

2016 Veyssière Gallery "Memory of the land” Tours, France.

2013 Afak Gallery "Reflection of the Soul”, Beirut, Lebanonj.

2010 Art House Gallery “Arrival" Damascus, Syria

2007 Art Hou Gallery, Damascus Syria.

2004 Gallery Naseer Shoura, Damascus, Syria.

2003Galerie Sarmad, Aleppo, Syria.

2002 / Gallery Naseer Shoura, Damascus, Syria.

2000 Galerie Naseer Shoura, Damascus, Syria.

1999 City Theater, Beirut, Lebanon.

1997 Naseer Shoura Gallery, Damascus, Syria.

1996 / Gallery Naseer Shoura, Damascus, Syria.

1993 Gallery Akkad, Aleppo, Syria.

1992 Arab Cultural Center, Alhasaka

Group Exhibitions:

2017 Olivier Rousseau Gallery, “intuitions”, Tours, France.

2017 Olivier Rousseau Gallery, “Inspirations”, Tours, France.

2017 Olivier Rousseau Gallery, "The Dawn”, Tours, France.

2008 Karma Gallery, Aleppo, France. 

2008 Sarmad Gallery, "Memory of a city”, Aleppo, France.

2006 Gallery dar Kalemat, "Aleppo the capital of Islamic culture”, Aleppo, France.

2006 Castle Festival, Homs, Syria.

2006 National Council of Culture and Art, Kuwait.

2000 Alkhanji Gallery "ten days"

1998-2004 Armenian Syrian Youth Club, "Autumn"

1998 Bilad Alsham Gallery , Aleppo, France.

1997 Qawaf Gallery, Aleppo, France.

1995 Alkhanji Gallery, Aleppo, France.

1992 Teshreen Sal, "The Artist and the Legacy”, Aleppo, France.

Participated in the spring exhibition in Aleppo and exhibitions of the Ministry of Culture.

Participated in numerous international solo and group exhibitions.

His work has been acquired by the Syrian Ministry of Culture as well as by private collectors from around the world. 

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