George Badawi was born in 1963 in Aleppo, Syria. 


As I grew up I often used to follow my dad up to the roof where he had different types of birds. I remember being so fascinated by the freedom of birds and their flying motion. This always inspired and the will to move on, the will to never stay in one place for too long and to experience the world for what it really is. The flying motion of the bird gave me the inspiration for my work and the braveness to do what I do, it really inspires me and always has, since I was a little child.  


At an early age I learned to work with jewellery while also studying at the same time. During this time, I also went to an art school in Aleppo called Fathi Mohammed Institute in Aleppo between the years of 1981-1983. My major was painting and sculpture.  


In 1987 I studied at a private Institute called the Algemhoria Institute where I amongst other subjects studied interior designs and design as a major. Up to the year of 1989 I was a part of many group-exhibitions where I mostly exhibited sculptures and paintings.


In the year of 1989 I moved to Athens, Greece and started to work as a jewellery designer. While living I Athens I had annual exhibitions with jewellery design and sculpure up to the year 2000 when I moved to Sweden with my wife. Here in Sweden I have had four separate exhibitions by my myself but I have also had annual group exhibitions every year in Sweden for the most part but also in Europe. The group exhibitions have been very diverse, for example one of them had the theme of sculptures being made for children to play with, playsculptures.  


I mostly work with sculpture, for the most part with stone, wood, stainless steel, iron and bronze.  


Today I live with my family in a small town south of Stockholm. I have two teenager twin-daughters and together with my wife  I run a small business called Zest Design.

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