Dia Alhamwi 



Did Al Hamwi was born in Aleppo, Syria. He holds a degree in Engineering from the University of Aleppo and and a degree in Arts from Fathi Mohammad Institute in Aleppo.

Dia believes that “Artists have been created to make the world a better place”, his strive to spread hope through beauty is evident in the vibrantly coloured paintings, “I feel strongly that I could continue to paint and create, and with my art, help make the world better by spreading joy and hope to the people”.


2018 - Individual  exhibition in Damascus at the National Centre for Visual Arts.

2017 - Joined exhibition with a photographer Erik Erikson and a visual artist Ulrika Andersson in Nora Konsthall, Sweden.


2017 - Collective exhibition at Gallery Sigma in Växjö.


2017 - Collective exhibition in Aachen, Germany, 


2017 - Participated in Art project with several artists from Syria in Stockholm, Sweden. 


2017 - Participated in Ljusstråk Art project in Nora.


2017 - Workshop/exhibition at Virserum Art Hall.


2016 - Group exhibition Ljusstråk in Nora, with a photographer Erik Erikson and a visual artist Ulrika Andersson.


2016 - Solo exhibition in Nora Konsthall.


2015 - Collaborative Exhibition with a sculptor George Badawi in the Orangery, Nyköping.


2014 - Collective exhibition with 11 other artists organised by the Cultural Association Col·lectiu Mediterrani in Alicante, Spain. 


2010 - Collective exhibition in Shibani School Old Church.

2007 - Worked on exploring artistic thoughts and creating a painting with no begging nor end. The board consisted of several small paintings which could be relocated and would create a completely new painting, new thought, new look. 


2007 - Individual art exhibition at Galerie Ohoud in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


2007 - Joined art exhibition with artist Talal Abu Dan and Nasser Hussain, Gallery Salet Bilad Al-Sham in Aleppo, Syria


2006 - Individual art exhibition in Gallery Salat Bilad Al-Sham in Aleppo, Syria


2005 - Individual art exhibition in Gallery Dar-Al Mada in Damascus, Syria

2003 - Mural "Birth and Death" 1 m × 27 m.


1998 - Exhibition "The Last Meal" in Aleppo, Syria. 

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